How Can a Blizzard be ?

When it's a fun snow storm. A storm of new products that will heat up your winter days and nights with great baseball action that will last throughout the year. You can bank on it. We have more new programs, upgrades, and add-ons than ever for CODIE Award Finalist Baseball for Windows and the Bill James Baseball Encyclopedia. With these 10 new fun ways to play the game, there's no better time to treat yourself or a friend. So read on. Here are the new products: (Click any for details)

Clear Your Drive for Solo and League Play

If you play in a league, or like to replay seasons or special matchups, the new League & Replay POWER TOOL helps organize your play, adds zip with the new Highlights finder, and makes League Manager easier to use in a dozen other ways.

Here's how POWER TOOL works for league play:

Here's how POWER TOOL works for solo play:

Here's how POWER TOOL works for everyone:

There's more. POWER TOOL also:

At $35 POWER TOOL is your own private slush fund of valuable features. Member price $31.50. Click here for details on special league price offer! League & Replay POWER TOOL includes all the features from League Manager 3.5. Click here for description of those features. System requirements: To use POWER TOOL you need to have Baseball for Windows 2.0 or 3.0. Product is in 3.5" floppy disk format. Return to Top!

Snowed by the rookies? Which veterans will be buried?

You may be familiar with the Bill James Baseball Encyclopedia. It's the only one with a true database designed to study statistics at every level -- players, teams, divisions, leagues, franchises, and even across leagues -- and SmartCharts(TM) so you can more easily "see" the numbers.

Now we've made it better. The new 1997 Bill James Encyclopedia adds complete 1996 statistics and 200 up-to-date player reports straight out of STATS' Scouting Notebook. Read what these seasoned analysts have to say about the most promising rookies of 1996 and the biggest question marks for 1997. Each player report has sections on the past season, hitting or pitching, defense, and the 1997 outlook. Don't be snowed by media hype. Do the comparisons yourself with the Encyclopedia.

The Encyclopedia is complete from 1876 through 1996. It's full of surprises, helps you make better draft picks and trades, and is compatible with Baseball for Windows so you can play any player in history. Professional teams and scouts use it. The 1997 Encyclopedia costs $45. If you own a previous version, the Upgrade is $30 (save $15). And the member prices are $41.50 and $27 respectively. Return to Top!

Spring into Winter with Three New Seasons

Three new seasons of officially rated APBA players with as-played big league schedules help fill out your collection.

In 1928, New York's power was expected to carry the Junior Circuit. But after starting well, they met head on a rejuvenated Philadelphia club, 25-8 in July. Still, in front of the largest crowd in history, the Bombers took both ends of a September twinbill over Connie Mack's team and never looked back. In the Senior circuit, New York fashioned 25 victories in September, but lost out to St. Louis on September 29th. With the 1928 disk, you can try to bring home these near-miss challengers.

1937 belonged to Detroit, but Schoolboy Rowe's arm trouble and Mickey Cochrane's near fatal beaning ended their chances, setting up a repeat of the 1936 subway series in New York. Can you get St. Louis's Joe Medwick to bring home his triple crown?

In 1945 -- the last War Year -- St. Louis failed to win 4 straight Senior Circuit pennants when their top players were drafted. Chicago nudged out the Birds, aided by sweeping 20 doubleheaders and handling Cincinnati 21-1 for the season. The Junior Circuit race was clinched in Detroit's Virgil Trucks' first start after returning from the service. The fall Classic went seven, with Cavarretta and Borowy figuring. In the decisive game, Detroit cruised to the title. Can you do the same?

Until December 31, all Classic Seasons are available in a 3-for-$33 special. For each 3-pack, you save $6, members save $9. Return to Top!

A Palace, a Dynasty, and Night Games in New York and D.C.

Put your plow away and get on the road again, with these new ballparks:

When Ebbets Field (Day/Night) opened in 1913, jaws dropped. Costing three quarters of a million dollars, the new home of the Brooklyn franchise seated more than 25,000 fans. As remodeled in the Thirties, the park featured a tall right field scoreboard and outfield stands. Lights were introduced in 1938 and a year later Ebbets made history with the first big league television broadcast reaching fans fifty(!) miles away. With this park you can bring the franchise back to Brooklyn.

Sportsman Park (Day/Night), home of the St. Louis Senior franchise for forty- three years, fielded the 1930's Gas House Gang featuring Dean, Durocher, and Pepper Martin. After moving there in 1909, the Birds did not win a pennant for 17 years, but you can relive their 5 world championships, 9 pennants, and 9 second place finishes in the next 26 years.

With help from fan Darrell Ybarrondo, we have added night versions of the cavernous Polo Grounds and Washington's Griffith Stadium. If you buy these parks now, the night versions are included. For fans who already own these daytime parks, we have a budget-priced disk with Polo and Griffith under the lights.

All ballparks are $15.00 each ($13.50 for members) or available in a 3 pack for $36.00 ($32.40 for members), you save $9! The Polo & Griffith at Night Disk is $10 ($9 for members). Return to Top!

Fans Make Snow with Wish List

Some guys want Wish List features so much they write the programs themselves. So now we bring you four programs on FanWare(TM) Volume 1.

First, StatMaster Exporter and StatMaster Editor, by Phil Murray, conquer the stats. If you want to send stats to a friend or fellow owner, or run analysis not in StatMaster, Exporter creates five different StatMaster reports from your replay for use in a spreadsheet. You can manipulate these results files any way you want.

Want to add a lost or manual game to StatMaster? Change a scorer's decision? Editor allows you to edit replay statistics, including batting, pitching, and fielding, for teams or players. Of course, it doesn't cross-check much like StatMaster and it doesn't Undo, so you'll want to back up your files. But for control over stats, the Editor is it.

There's more. APlus Enhanced, by Elliot Pickens, gives you power over automatic lineup creation for realistic replays and it only takes a few seconds. Here's how it works.

APlus features include:

Finally, to show you if players are performing adequately for you, APlus offers Batter & Pitcher Usage Reports which compare historical vs. replay stats and export to a spreadsheet. If you play lots of games, APlus saves you time and gets the Very Cool feature award.

MicroManager Cloner, by Dennis Willett, rounds out our first collection of FanWare(TM). It is a basic tool for fans who use micromanagers. The Cloner allows you to Copy, Rename or Delete a manager. That's it. Easily create one for every team if you want. Then Ernie Harwell can use the manager's proper name during his play by play.

Of course, we have tested each FanWare(TM) program. We use them ourselves. But we cannot guarantee absolute compatibility with our other products. Each has a simple menu and installs to the Miller program group. The four programs cost only $30, ($27 for members) good value for the dedicated gamer. Return to Top!

Competition deep? Don't take a powder. Get FanManagers!

Leadership counts, and these seven new micromanagers are designed by fans to lead teams through tricky decisions, like double switches, measuring bullpen strength, and use of bench and star players. These managers would take you months to create on your own:

As micromanagers acquire skills for specific decades, your replays become more realistic and your computer opponent tougher. Challenge yourself with this new FanManager Volume 3 at only $20, about three bucks a manager ($18 for members). Return to Top!

Gifts to Start-a-Friend, Start a League

Most of our new customers come from word of mouth, and their involvement with the hobby helps us bring you new programs. So, we're rewarding you in two ways for encouraging new fans.

First, with Gift Boxes we're making it easier for you to start someone in the hobby. Pick the Gift that fits your friend best (each gift box is $44, $39.60 for members):

Second, if your friend orders anything more from us, you get a $5 credit good on any Miller baseball product.

1996 Season Disk

Thrill to New York's return to the top! Or can you manage the favored Atlanta or Cleveland clubs to the championship? Whatever your preference, this season was filled with classic excitement. Homeruns were the rage as the record for most homeruns by a club was broken by Baltimore (shattering the mark set in 1961 by 16). And 17 players reached or surpassed the 40 homerun plateau, breaking the previous record of 8 also set in 1961. The data disk also includes the 1996 season schedule and the 1997 season schedule for those who want to play along with this year. Enjoy the season at $25 ($22.50 for members). Return to Top!

With ten new products, it's the Blizzard of '96. Dig it? Call us, then settle in and hear the sounds of spring all winter long. Happy holidays. Retun to Top!

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